Shift Towards Natural Refrigerants

We are in the midst of the global green transition, where the focus on the environmental impact of synthetic refrigerants has increased significantly. At Unic Air, we have taken decisive steps to be at the forefront of the shift towards natural refrigerants. Danish and European legislation is creating incentives for the increased use of natural refrigerants, meaning there are great future prospects for a shift from environmentally harmful synthetic refrigerants to natural refrigerants.

Traditional synthetic refrigerants such as HFC and HFO refrigerants have long been used in ventilation systems. On a European level, there is a consensus that the use of HFC refrigerants should be limited due to their significant impact on global warming. Typical traditional refrigerants have a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of around 2000. This also means that traditional HFC refrigerants are not future-proof, as there is a clear goal to phase out all HFC refrigerants with a GWP over 150 by 2030. Their substantial negative impact on global warming and the environment in general has led to stricter regulations and limitations. Another example of this is PFAS in refrigerants.

Denmark is one of the countries actively working towards a total ban on PFAS in the EU. This is because PFAS contaminates groundwater and food and can be harmful for humans to ingest, thus a ban on the use of PFAS is forthcoming. If a total ban on PFAS is implemented, it will mean that many more refrigerants will be prohibited, including almost all synthetic refrigerants. The stricter regulations and potential ban on PFAS underscore the importance of finding sustainable alternatives to traditional synthetic refrigerants. At Unic Air, we have already taken steps towards this for several years.

Unic Air and the Use of Natural Refrigerants:

Unic Air is the first producer on the market to use CO₂ as a refrigerant, which we do in our BLUE units. Our choice of CO₂ as a refrigerant is crucial for reducing our environmental impact, as it is a natural refrigerant with a GWP of just 1. This means it has minimal impact on global warming and helps ensure a more sustainable future. Our BLUE units are not only sustainable but also economically advantageous and energy-efficient in operation. This means you save both energy and money, as CO₂ is an inexpensive refrigerant. Additionally, you achieve higher energy efficiency (COP) most of the year by using CO₂. Our BLUE units are not only natural and easy to dispose of at the end of their lifespan, but they are also a future-proof solution for the shift towards natural refrigerants. They combine efficiency with minimal environmental impact. In contrast, cooling systems with PFAS cannot be expected to be easy to dispose of, as they are already being phased out. By choosing our environmentally friendly solutions, our customers can contribute to the green transition.

If you want to learn more about our environmentally friendly solutions, feel free to contact Unic Air. We are ready to answer your questions and find the optimal solution for your needs.

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