Solutions for all areas of a supermarket

Demand-controlled ventilation

At Unic Air, we have extensive experience with air handling units specifically tailored to the ventilation needs of different departments within a supermarket. The air handling units are specially designed for each department in terms of both components and control systems.

For this purpose, we have developed a unit for the store with integrated cooling and double recirculation, which allows for demand-controlled ventilation. The unit can switch between double recirculation and fresh air depending on air quality. This enables significant energy savings on heating, cooling, and fan operation.

A good indoor climate is not just comfortable; it also benefits the health and well-being of employees, and helps customers feel comfortable and have a positive experience in the store. Therefore, our goal is not only to meet the technical ventilation requirements of a supermarket but also to create an environment where both employees and customers thrive.

Sales area

For the store’s sales area, we have developed a special air handling unit with double recirculation and integrated cooling. The double recirculation allows the unit to recirculate and cool at the same time. Recirculating the indoor air and cooling the already cooled air results in significant operational savings without compromising air quality.

Most supermarkets have a large volume relative to customer load for most of the day. Therefore, it can be advantageous for the unit to recirculate the already treated (heated/cooled) air during periods of low customer load instead of bringing in fresh air that needs to be treated.

The unit automatically switches to fresh air mode if the air quality reaches a set point, such as CO₂ levels or humidity.


In bakery departments, ovens contribute a significant amount of heat and moisture to the air. Therefore, there is a need to cool the supply air for a large part of the year. In traditional units, it is not possible to use an integrated cooling system within the unit due to the high air temperature in the exhaust.

This unit is specifically designed to deliver cooled fresh air via an integrated cooling system, even when the exhaust air is warm. In our unit, we have relocated the condenser coil into a separate chamber along with an axial fan. This allows the use of outdoor air for the condenser coil instead of the warm exhaust air in a cooling situation. Consequently, we can provide units with integrated cooling for bakeries and similar applications.

Fruit & vegetable department

Our cooling units for the fruit and vegetable department are smaller recirculation systems designed to cool the air in the produce section. They consist of filters, a CO₂ cooling coil, a fan, and a silencer.


The units are available in two standard sizes: 2,000 m³/h and 4,000 m³/h.

Butcher department

At Unic Air, we have designed a unit specifically for the supermarket’s butcher department.

Since this department requires a very low room temperature, a heat exchanger in the unit is unnecessary. Instead, the unit is built around double recirculation and integrated cooling, allowing the already cooled air from the butcher department to be further cooled during times of the year when the outdoor temperature is higher than the indoor temperature. This results in significant operational savings on cooling.

Air quality is not compromised by recirculation, as the unit automatically switches to fresh air mode when the air quality reaches a predetermined set point for CO₂ levels or humidity.


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