Unic Air and the journey towards becoming a sustainable company

Unic Air strives to evolve into a responsible company, where we actively take responsibility for our actions and consider our impact on the environment, society, and people. For us, this is a continuous maturity process, where year after year, we strive to improve and take on more responsibility as a company. We are therefore looking forward to implementing ESG initiatives as a sustainable approach in 2024. This will enable us to document and evaluate the sustainability of our company and our products.

Environmental responsibility

As a company, we believe that technology and climate-friendly solutions go hand in hand to create a better future. Therefore, we are dedicated to continuing to develop and deliver climate-friendly solutions that contribute to the green transition.

We actively work on developing climate-friendly and energy-efficient solutions to reduce our impact on the greenhouse effect. A specific goal is to phase out all refrigerants with a GWP over 150 by 2025. Additionally, we use a lifecycle approach to minimize environmental impact, including the easy disposal of our products at the end of their life. Our BLUE CO₂ units also enable increased DGNB certification, as the unit has a GWP of 1.

Social responsibility

At Unic Air, our goal is to focus on both the social conditions within our company and the social impacts we have on our surroundings. We strive to establish a sustainable workplace with optimal working conditions for our employees while ensuring high employee satisfaction. To achieve this, we have implemented annual well-being surveys that help us evaluate and improve the work environment. We value an inclusive culture where all employees feel welcome and respected in our company.


At Unic Air, we are dedicated to promoting our responsible corporate behavior and ensuring positive development in our daily activities. We have implemented specific initiatives to create a more sustainable workplace and business. As part of our commitment, we initiated a due diligence process in 2024. This helps us systematically assess, prioritize, and manage risks that could potentially have a negative impact on people, the environment, and society.

Additionally, we have planned to conduct a materiality assessment in 2024. This will provide us with a comprehensive view of the issues we impact and are impacted by as a company, and it will include a double materiality assessment. The goal of this assessment is to deliver a comprehensive ESG report by 2026, where we evaluate our current performance and identify areas for improvement.

Our approach


Due diligence


Materiality assesment


Data collection



How we work with the
UN's sustainable development goals

At Unic Air, we have incorporated the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a central part of our business practices. This ensures that we integrate a sustainable approach into our daily activities and adapt our actions to contribute to making the world a better place for everyone.