Fast food restaurants

Ventilation for kitchen and restaurant

Heat recovery from exhaust air

Unic Air specializes in air handling units for fast food restaurants. We have developed an air handling unit with a glass tube heat exchanger and a patented automatic washing system, which can seamlessly recover heat from greasy exhaust air. This significantly reduces room heating costs.


The automation in the GX-unit, as we call it, has been developed and specialized through our many years of experience. The automation ensures optimal operation of the unit with the best possible control of ventilation in both the kitchen and the lobby/restaurant.

Patented washing system

The air handling unit operates without filters in the exhaust, allowing the greasy exhaust air to pass directly through the glass tube heat exchanger, where a significant portion of the heat is recovered for the supply air. This is heat that is often not recovered due to the grease in the air.

Unic Air’s patented washing system automatically cleans the glass tube heat exchanger of grease every night, preventing grease buildup and clogging of the exchanger. This process is controlled by the advanced automation in the air handling unit and requires no additional action or attention from the users.


Short payback period

In places where the GX unit is operational, it has often been shown that there is no need for additional supplemental heating for the supply air. This leads to significant savings on energy costs.

The cooling compressor and condenser coil are housed in a separate chamber outside the exhaust airflow. This means that the cooling section can be serviced while the unit is in operation, i.e., during the restaurant’s opening hours, which helps reduce maintenance costs of the unit.

With these units, operational savings of up to 40-60,000 DKK per year are often experienced, leading to a short payback period for the GX-unit.

Plug & play

The GX unit is built with a Plug & Play mindset, where all functions and components are integrated into the unit at the factory. Therefore, the unit comes fully equipped with control systems, cooling, and a washing system from the factory.

Additionally, the unit can be delivered with built-in two-zone cooling, allowing for differentiated supply air temperatures in the kitchen and restaurant.

The automation system can be accessed via the internet, providing users with the ability to monitor the unit. There is also a built-in feature that allows for low soap level alerts via SMS or email.

Application areas

All types of kitchens and restaurants with hot and greasy kitchen exhaust, where heat recovery from the exhaust air is desired.  


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