BLUE CO₂ Unit Ensures Future Ventilation at Jyske Finans A/S

Climate friendliness and energy efficiency were the focus when the ventilation contractor, HM-Ventilation A/S, utilized Unic Air’s newly developed BLUE CO₂ unit in the replacement of an outdated ventilation system at Jyske Finans A/S’s headquarters in Silkeborg.

When Jyske Finans A/S, an independent company within the Jyske Bank group, needed to replace an older ventilation system with a new efficient ventilation solution, HM-Ventilation A/S was selected as the supplier after a tender process.

In the Jyske Bank group, there is a constant effort to become more climate- and environmentally-conscious and to reduce CO₂ emissions. Unfortunately, ventilation systems are not without environmental costs. Large amounts of environmentally harmful refrigerants and high energy consumption are typically required to operate a ventilation system’s cooling coils, compressors, etc.

Therefore, HM-Ventilation A/S set out to offer Jyske Finans A/S a competitive, future-proof, and energy-efficient ventilation solution with good operational economy and a smaller climate footprint than traditional ventilation systems.

The solution from HM-Ventilation A/S was based on the Blue CO₂ air handling unit from Unic Air, which, after a development phase and nearly three years of testing, was ready in early 2020 with a new generation of comfort ventilation units. These units replace all harmful refrigerants with pure CO₂, which has a low Global Warming Potential (GWP).

“With the new Blue CO₂ units, Unic Air has an outstanding product that is unprecedented in the ventilation industry. Therefore, we had no doubt that Unic Air should be invited to participate in the project at Jyske Finans A/S, and we have been very satisfied with the collaboration,” says Director Henrik T. Madsen from HM-Ventilation A/S.

In collaboration with the technical staff from the Jyske Bank group and the ventilation contractor HM-Ventilation A/S, Unic Air participated in the entire process from consultation to the complete ventilation solution at Jyske Finans A/S.

This included:

  • Consultation and design of the air handling unit
  • Production and delivery of the Blue CO₂ air handling unit, ready for automation connection to the Jyske Bank group’s building management and energy management system
  • On-site construction at Jyske Finans A/S

Unic Air has solid experience with on-site assembly tasks, where ventilation units are built according to space constraints and hard-to-reach locations.

At Jyske Finans A/S, the air handling unit is located in a former concrete security room with a 70-centimeter-wide door. Therefore, Unic Air delivered the new BLUE CO₂ unit in modules and assembled it directly on site.

Read more about BLUE CO2-ventilationsaggregater to comfort ventilation.

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