New Chairman of the Board

An experienced business leader and board profile with solid international experience will now lead the board at Unic Air. The aim is to strengthen our foothold in Denmark while building an international presence in the ventilation market.

“In Denmark, we are experiencing a huge boom in demand for our air handling units. Among other things, builders and general contractors who prioritize sustainable construction have become aware of our environmentally friendly and energy-efficient units for comfort ventilation,” says Henrik Hejlemann Jensen, CEO at Unic Air.

“Now we are ready to move from being a smaller producer with a national focus to becoming an international player. This journey requires competent and experienced partners who can provide us with knowledge and challenge us—without losing sight of what has driven Unic Air’s growth so far,” continues Henrik Hejlemann Jensen.

Therefore, Unic Air has chosen to strengthen the company’s board by appointing a professional chairman. Jens Uggerhøj assumed the position in April 2021.

As Unic Air expands its reach of efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly ventilation systems to more and new markets in the coming years, the management can rely on a highly experienced partner with the new chairman of the board.

Jens Uggerhøj has extensive experience in strategy, growth, and export. Throughout his long career, he has been involved in management, business development, and board work in various types of companies.

“With Jens Uggerhøj, we have our first professional chairman of the board on the team. This will help elevate Unic Air to the next level both nationally and internationally,” says Henrik Hejlemann Jensen.

Engaged, Strategic Partner

As Chairman of the Board at Unic Air, Jens Uggerhøj’s primary task is to maintain a focus on strategy. However, his involvement will extend beyond just board meetings.

“The Chairman should not manage the company and processes, but he will act as our strategic partner – even between meetings,” says Henrik Hejlemann Jensen.

“Unic Air is an interesting company with an exciting product range. I look forward to actively contributing to its growth in the future,” says Jens Uggerhøj about his role as Chairman of the Board at Unic Air. He continues:

“Most importantly, I see the company’s international potential as a significant part of the upcoming growth.”

CEO of Unic Air, Henrik Hejlemann Jensen (left), looks forward to the collaboration with the company’s new Chairman of the Board, Jens Uggerhøj (right).

Read more about Jens Uggerhøj and Henrik Hejlemann Jensen on LinkedIn.

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