Costumized and intelligent automation solutions

Easy ventilation control

Unic Air has many years of experience in providing costumized automation solutions for air handling units. All air handling units from Unic Air can be delivered with built-in automation tailored to the building’s needs and suitable for a wide range of building types. Through our technology, we offer intelligent ventilation with economical and energy-efficient operation.

With advanced and reliable system platforms like Tridium Niagara 4 (N4) and Regin, we ensure that your ventilation is cost-effective, easy to install, and user-friendly, featuring advanced troubleshooting and real-time communication.

Tridium Niagara 4

Unic Air provides intelligent automation for air handling units programmed in Niagara 4, also known as N4. With N4 as the control solution, our customers enjoy many benefits, including:

Intelligent control and full overview

Niagara 4 (N4) is an advanced system with an open protocol used to manage, automate, and control intelligent devices. This system is directly compatible with several well-known BMS (Building Management Systems).

Unic Air offers integrated control through Niagara 4, giving you full control over all functions of your unit. Niagara is equipped with Wi-Fi, making it easy to control via a mobile, tablet, or computer. If a touch screen on the unit is desired, this can also be provided.

Communication and data storage

Niagara has the ability to communicate with all leading BMS controls and can be connected directly to your computer via the internet without the need for an external web server. Niagara includes its own memory card that stores all data related to the individual air handling unit. This ensures reliable storage of important information.


Automation with regin

Each building has unique requirements for the automation of air handling units and other technical installations. Depending on the building’s location, function, and size, Unic Air can program air handling units in Regin precisely according to the specific needs on site.

At Unic Air, we specialize in providing intelligent automation solutions for ventilation, built and programmed in Regin. Regin is a well-proven system that has been preferred in the ventilation industry for many years.

By choosing Regin as the platform for building automation, our customers at Unic Air can benefit from the following: