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Energy-efficient air handling units

Optimized for your needs

All STD air handling units from Unic Air can be designed and optimized precisely to your needs and preferences. The STD-units can be delivered with the components your application requires, such as exchanger type, integrated cooling, and full automation. They are individually customized and can therefore be extensively adapted to specific requirements for dimensions, energy consumption, and heat recovery.

Our STD-units offer great flexibility in the choice of components, as each component is optimized according to requirements and preferences. There are no predefined standard sizes. All units are individually designed based on needs. This means that each unit can be directly optimized to the energy requirements of each specific building.


Our STD-units are fundamentally built with a heat exchanger, a water heating coil, bag filters, EC-blue fans, and shut-off dampers.

Additionally, you can choose from a range of components such as integrated cooling, cooling coils, integrated mixing loops, automation, various energy meters, extra filters, and any other requirements your application may have.

Integrated cooling

Unic Air are experts in integrated cooling within air handling units.

We offer two types of integrated cooling – with conventional refrigerant (R407c) and the more environmentally friendly CO₂ refrigerant. Unic Air is the only manufacturer of air handling units that offers integrated cooling with CO₂ – as seen in our BLUE units.

All cooling compressors are frequency-controlled, ensuring high performance and significant energy savings.

On-site construction

Like several of our units, the STD-unit can also be delivered in modules, which can be lowered between rafters and other difficult-to-access areas. The modules are assembled on-site into the finished unit.

If there are particularly challenging access conditions for the unit’s placement, it is also possible to have the unit delivered in parts for on-site construction.

Unic Air is one of the few manufacturers that offers the option of building the unit on-site. Our own specialized professionals assemble the units on location, ensuring high quality.

Application areas

STD-units can be used for all applications within general comfort ventilation. The units are also suitable for a wide range of industrial applications.

If you are unsure whether our unit is the right choice for you, please contact us.

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