Blue CO₂ units

Environmentally friendly comfort ventilation

With CO₂ as the refrigerant

At Unic Air, we have replaced harmful traditional HFC refrigerants with pure CO₂ in our BLUE CO₂ air handling unit, making us the only manufacturers in the industry to do so. A significant portion of the world’s greenhouse gases come from refrigerants, and by using a 100% natural refrigerant like CO₂, we significantly reduce our environmental impact. This is evidenced by CO₂ having a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 1, whereas traditional HFC refrigerants are highly environmentally damaging, typically having a GWP between 1700 and 2000.

Our BLUE CO₂ air handling unit is the only unit with integrated cooling that can be built on-site due to the revised F-gas regulation.

Energy-saving and economically advantageous in operation

By choosing air handling units that cool with CO₂, you achieve significantly higher energy efficiency over the course of a year compared to systems using traditional refrigerants. Our BLUE CO₂ units are not only energy-saving but also economically advantageous in operation.

Future proof air handling unit

In the latest revision of the F-gas regulation, there is a clear goal that all HFC and HFO refrigerants with a GWP over 150 must be phased out by 2027. This means that with our BLUE CO₂ unit, you can future-proof your ventilation, as it is not affected by the phase-out rule.

The BLUE unit will also significantly contribute to the sustainable and green profile of buildings, positively impacting the calculations for a DGNB certification of a building.

Plug & Play mindset

The unit is built with a Plug & Play mindset, where all functions and components are integrated into the unit at the factory. Therefore, the unit is delivered fully equipped with automation and integrated cooling.

Application areas

We can deliver customized air handling units with integrated CO₂ cooling for both comfort and industrial ventilation, tailored to meet your needs and desires, allowing you to provide optimized and environmentally friendly solutions for your building.

Suitable for any location where integrated cooling is used to cool the supply air.

Especially applicable if there are specific requirements for the refrigerant’s GWP, the building’s sustainability (DGNB), and where it is not possible to transport the unit into an existing building (on-site construction).


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