Ventilation system

Customized Ventilation Systems for Multiple Industries

Unic Air stands out in the market with state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly air handling units, that emphasize the importance of a good indoor climate for both well-being and productivity. Our focus is on sustainability, and our technology enables us to create customized ventilation solutions that meet the unique needs of a wide range of customers, from fast food restaurants, supermarkets, and shopping centers to large offices.

Achieve a Better Indoor Climate with the Right Ventilation System

Significantly improve your indoor climate with a carefully selected ventilation system. Our ventilation units are developed to enhance air quality while supporting energy efficiency and reducing operating costs. We use solutions such as CO₂ refrigerant and heat recovery, providing our customers with an ideal combination of comfort and environmental consciousness.

Unique Ventilation Units for All Needs

For fast food restaurants and commercial kitchens, we have developed a specially designed ventilation unit with a glass tube heat exchanger and a patented automatic washing system. The unit seamlessly recovers heat from greasy exhaust air, drastically reducing heating costs. It can also be delivered with built-in two-zone cooling, allowing for differentiated supply air temperatures in the kitchen and restaurant. The result is a clean and comfortable environment in both the kitchen and the restaurant, with operational savings and a short payback period for the ventilation unit.

Ventilation Systems for Offices

To optimize the indoor climate in office environments, Unic Air offers BLUE CO₂ units that use CO₂ as a refrigerant. Our BLUE CO₂ units are energy-saving and economically advantageous in operation. CO₂ as a refrigerant has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of only 1, meaning it helps future-proof your ventilation, as it is not affected by phase-out regulations. Additionally, our BLUE CO₂ unit can significantly contribute to the sustainable and green profile of buildings, positively impacting the DGNB certification of a building. Our BLUE CO₂ units also provide a consistently clean indoor climate, promoting employee well-being and efficiency in the workplace.

Sustainability and Technology

Unic Air is committed to creating a future where ventilation units are not only highly efficient but also promote the green transition. We focus on innovation in environmentally friendly and energy-saving solutions while ensuring optimal comfort. Regardless of your business sector, Unic Air is ready with a suitable ventilation solution. We invite you to contact us so we can assist you in achieving an improved indoor climate and increased energy efficiency.